2nd Class

Ms. Spillane/Ms. Cleary/Ms. Spencer

Happy Summer Holidays!

Hi everybody,

We have come to our very last few days of second class. I cannot believe it! I just want to tell you how proud we are of each and every one of you for all your hard work over the year in 2nd class but especially over the last three months when we all had to move to distance learning.

We received fabulous photos and messages from your parents telling us how good you have all been at home, so well done everyone! Here’s a little poem for you to keep to remember your time in second class.

Missing you all, Ms. Spencer, Ms Cleary and Ms Spillane


I’m glad I was your teacher

This is true you know

We worked so hard and had such fun

How fast the time did go.

I think you’re very special

And I just want you to know,

This year has been amazing,

I’m so sad to see you go.

Our year was interrupted

And it seems too soon to part,

Just know that you will always have a special place in my heart.

We’ve done so much together

We’ve laughed and smiled and learned,

After such a hectic journey,

Enjoy this break you’ve earned.

Remember to come and visit,

I’d love to see you grow,

You have more to learn ahead,

But there’s one thing you should know:

The thing that makes you wonderful,

And will shine through all you do,

Is just to be yourself,

And be proud that you are you!

Enjoy the summer, take care, Ms. Spencer, Ms Cleary and Ms Spillane xxxx