Happy Summer Holidays!

Hello boys,

Well this is it. You are officially finished 4th Class!! What a strange end to our year together.

I would like to thank each and every one of you and your families for being so adaptable in such hard and strange times. I understand that it hasn’t been easy for lots of you or your parents over the last number of months. It has not been ideal but we have all adapted as best we could, so THANK YOU! 

I wish you all a lovely summer and a well-deserved break from home-schooling. I hope the weather cooperates and gives us lots of opportunities to get out and about. Hopefully as the restrictions are lifted phase by phase, we can get back to having fun with family and friends.

To each and every one of my boys, the little poem below sums up beautifully what I’d like to say to each of you

I think you’re very special,

And I just wanted you to know,

This year has been amazing,

I’m so sad to see you go!

We’ve done so much together,

We’ve laughed and smiled and learned,

After such an exciting journey,

Enjoy the summer break you’ve earned.

Remember to come and visit,

I would love to see you grow,

You have a lot to learn ahead,

But there is one thing you should know

The thing that makes you wonderful,

And will shine through all you do,

Is just to be yourself,

And be proud that you are you!

Looking forward to hearing all your news when we meet again. Best wishes to you and your families, have a safe, fun and enjoyable summer break.

See you in September! Ms O’ Keeffe