Happy Summer Holidays!

Hi Boys,

Your summer holidays have arrived! It has been a strange end to your time in 5 th class. It is a year we won’t forget in a hurry that’s for sure. It is a massive pity we didn’t get to end our time together as a class. Again I just want to say it has been an adjustment for you all to switch to learning from home
so I want to thank you and all your families for being so adaptable and your hard work during this
time. You all deserve a well-earned break.

You all worked hard before school closed too of course. You all tried your best and it did not go
unnoticed so THANK YOU. You should all be proud of yourselves!! I hope you will all keep it up as
you move to 6 th class. It’s a pity we didn’t get to have one last maths game, we had fun and I
definitely noticed maths experts emerging, especially in your tables so a huge WELL DONE! I always enjoyed your stories and the chats too so don’t be a stranger!

Fingers crossed, we get some lovely weather for you to enjoy and you get to start seeing family and friends that you have missed. I hope you enjoy getting to return to some of your activities such as sports etc.

I have no doubt ye have missed them! I hope I will see you all around in September! I wish you all
the best of luck in 6 th class. Have a relaxing, safe and enjoyable summer!

Best of Luck
Ms Purcell