Happy Summer Holidays!

To 6 th class 2020,

Congratulations! Who would have thought you would finish up primary school in this
way. It has been a year of many surprises; from day one when you found out I was
your teacher, to the year ending so abruptly. It has been wonderful to watch you all
continue to grow into kind, funny, confident young men. You should all be so proud
of yourselves.

We had great days this year with extra yard, spray painting outside, trips to WIT and
to the park with our buddies. Although the sun didn’t always shine; we had fun in the
snow, playtime in the rain and even needed tea at a soccer blitz when our fingers
turned pink! However you dealt with the greatest storm of all, when the school closed
on March 12 th , with maturity, strength and patience.

To the class of 2020, you have left your mark on the community of St Pauls NS!
From volcanoes, to elections; from bucket hats, to buddies; from Brexit to climate
change; from tea parties, to hiding under desks and shelves and being suspiciously
quiet, far too many times. From match chants, to your unique version of Feliz
Navidad. Is it any wonder I had to say ‘are you joking me?’ so many times!

Your kindness, your positivity, your commitment and dedication both as individuals
and as a group made my job a whole lot easier. Well done and thank you for all of
your hard work, not just this year, but every year during your time in St. Paul’s.
My hope for you all is that you continue to be happy, strong, and inquisitive. Ask as
many questions as you can (even if it is just trying to distract the teacher so you don’t
have to do any writing!). You’re moving on to secondary now and you’ve got the
chance to meet new people, learn from new teachers, try new sports and new
subjects. Take all of those opportunities when they come. I know you will all do so

It was a pleasure to work with you this year and I wish you all the very best of luck in
the future. Continue to make yourselves and your families proud. You are the only
person standing in your way of achieving anything! Take it all in your stride, and
remember PMA: Positive Mental Attitude. Don’t be a stranger, my door is always

Best wishes,
Ms C Kiely

A message for boys preparing for their Confirmation