Happy Summer Holidays!

To all the wonderful Junior Infants and their parents/guardians,
So, you’ve reached the end of this Junior Infant roller coaster of a journey.
What a journey it has been with lots of twists and turns but you have been
amazing all the way through.

Remember your first day in Junior Infants as you peeped your head around the door to investigate what lay ahead. For some of you the first day was exciting and adventurous but for others it was taunting, scaring and new. As the days turned into weeks and weeks into months you all
adapted and settled into Junior Infant life with ease.

Your smiles, laughter and sometime mischievous behaviour made being your teacher an absolute pleasure.You were hard working and enthusiastic learners who were always eager to start
the next new letter or number. Lots of you read your first book by yourself,
wrote your name or even zipped up your coat by yourself for the first time in
Junior Infants and what fantastic achievements they are. You made new
friendships and shared memories with your buddies and I know we didn’t get to
finish the year as we may have hoped to but I think we got plenty jam packed
into the time we had in Junior Infants.

Wishing you all the best as you start your next adventure in Senior Infants, I
have no doubt you will be just as wonderful next year. Finally, to all those home
schooling parents/guardians who through an incredibly challenging time kept the
wheels turning, your effort and engagement no matter how big or small never
went unnoticed so thank you.
See you all in September and don’t forget my classroom door will always be open
to the Junior Infants of 2019.
Many thanks,
Ms. O’Hanlon

Once again, thanks for continuing to support your child’s learning from home. Any bit of school work completed in these times will definitely help the boys retain their learning for the coming school year, so keep up the great work! I will be introducing one or two new activities this week which will be some new material for the boys such time and the clock. I hope you are finding the work beneficial and don’t stress about getting it all done, we have to be realistic in these times so don’t feel pressurised to do it. If you have any questions or queries, please email me at msohanlon@stpaulswaterford.com