September and October

We have settled back into school and have had a busy few weeks. We can’t believe we are half way through the first term already.  We have had trips over  to the library where we love to read our books. Our class also had a trip to T Junction for breakfast one morning . We ordered our own food and had a really lovely time.  We have been working really hard in class learning about time and subtraction in Maths and concentrating on our reading, phonics, grammar and comprehensions in English. We are also practising our typing every day.  In recent weeks we have been busy getting ready for Halloween. We did lots of Art; carving pumpkins and making chocolate apples. We are looking forward to dressing up and having a Halloween party on Friday.

2022 – 2023


Spring has arrived! It is lovely to see the stretch in the evenings and the promise of warmer and brighter days to come. We had lots of special days to celebrate in school this month. Firstly, we celebrated St Brigid’s Day in school and made St Brigid’s Crosses. We also celebrated Valentine’s day and decorated our classroom door!

Pancake Tuesday meant eating lots of delicious pancakes cooked especially for us in school. We marked the start of lent by receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday. One of the boys received his red belt in kickboxing. All his effort and practice paid off. Congratulations from all of us.

It has been a fast and busy month. Time flies when you are having fun!


Term 2 has begun! We went to mass to celebrate the feast of the Ephinany on the 6th of January. We visited the beautiful crib in the church and said a prayer to the baby Jesus in the manger.

We also had our monthly trip to the library which we always love. We are learning about deadly decimals and money in maths. In English, we completed some comprehensions and grammar activities. We also learned about the Water Cycle and how the earth has been recycling water for over 4 billion years.

We started tag rugby this month which has been great fun.

We made beans on toast and baked potatoes with spaghetti hoops or cheese.  We are fantastic chefs and everything was delicious! 

We are still learning Spanish each week and this is muy bien!!


This has been a great month. We decorated our classroom, and had a cheeky elf visit our room and he got up to lots of mischief!! We are so excited for Christmas. We entered an art competition as part of the Winterval Festival  and we won! We were so delighted and very proud of ourselves.

We went on a day out to see our beautiful art on display. Firstly we got the bus into town, which was a great experience. Next we went to Christchurch Cathedral and saw our art entry and all the other brilliant entries. Lastly, we had lunch in Mc Donalds and got the bus back to school. We were tired but very happy.

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. 


We worked hard and had lots of fun this Month. We learned about groovy graphs and mighty multiplication in Maths. 

In English we are coming to the end of our novel ‘Georges Marvellous Medicine’ which we really enjoyed. We practised some letter writing and also learned how to address envelopes.

We made great progress cycling every Tuesday with Donal and Ollie. Tour de France here we come!!

We baked scones and banana muffins which were delicious. Christmas cookies are next on the menu!

 We visited the library and became members. We also visited the post office and posted letters home to ourselves! It was brilliant to see them arrive in our houses!

Our next job is to put up our Christmas tree and decorations, we can’t wait!


Some of the children started Spanish lessons on Tuesdays with the wonderful Weronika. They love the lessons and have learnt the alphabet, numbers up to fifteen and colours so far. Cycling started for some of our class too. It is so much fun and the boys are giving it their best. Well done! We celebrated maths week this week by completing a maths trail in the yard which was lots of fun and we also had fun counting the cars that passed the school gate.

The class worked together and helped to decorate our classroom for Halloween. They have drawn ghosts, painted Frankenstein, and created pumpkins sitting under the moon. Our art display looks great on the corridor. Even our weekly baking has taken a spooky turn.

Wishing you all a lovely midterm break and looking forward to a fun filled November.

Ms. Caffrey and Ms. Byrne


Here in the junior class, we have been looking at the farm and how food is grown and harvested this month. 

We looked in our school garden and picked the apples from our apple tree. We ate one and used the other to create cool apple prints that are now decorating our wall.

The children created their own farm project. We thought of the animals we would find on a farm and made tractors to help the farmer get around to do all that needs doing.

We learned a great new song about a Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, and made a puppet to dance around to the music. 

We really do like autumn!