Happy Summer Holidays!

Hello boys, parents and guardians,

In normal times it would now be time for the countdown for our summer holidays to start.
Excitement would be building in the classroom, and we would be counting the days on our class

This year has been very different, as you all know. It seems like such a long time since we have
seen each other, but remember what a lovely class you are in and how many friends you have
to come back to see in September.

It has been brilliant being your teacher this year. To see all of you grow into a tight knit group
who look out and help for each other has been amazing. You are all clever, friendly and
thoughtful children. I am very proud of you all.

You will be moving up to first class in September and I am sure you will make your new teacher
just as proud as you have made me.

Have a lovely summer holiday, look after yourselves and I will see you in September,
Ms Murphy.