October and November

We have had a very fun and enjoyable start to the school year. All the children settled in very well. They were so excited and happy to be reunited with their classmates. 

In September we learned all about ‘Myself’ in Aistear. We loved being back in our groups for play time in the role play area, construction area, small world area, and playdough area. We drew self-portraits and wrote about how special we are.

October was a very busy month in Senior Infants. We were on the lookout for signs of Autumn. We noticed that the leaves had begun to change colour and fall, we also noticed that it was getting much colder outside. 

Our theme for October was a mix between Autumn and Halloween. The children really enjoyed the various aistear stations. Below are some of the things we got up to:

What a super start to our school year! We can’t wait to see you all back in school after the mid-term break.

Junior Infants 2022 – 2023



The children have had an exciting and busy start to primary school. One of our favourite times of the day is Aistear time, where we learn through play. Our first theme is The School. We are enjoying role – play, construction, outdoor games, pre-writing skills, water play and visits to The Den. We are very proud of the great start that our Junior Infants have made!