Confirmation Day – 28 August, 2020

We are delighted to let you know that we have a date for your Confirmation. (These arrangements are subject to change if Covid 19 advice from the Government on gatherings changes)

  • It will take place on Friday 28th August
    • Ms. Kiely’s Class at 11.00am , boys and sponsors should be seated no later that 10.50
    • Mr. Dunne’s Class at 2.00pm, boys and sponsors should be seated no later that 1.50
  • We have cleared the date with St. Paul’s Community College and you will hear from the Secondary School shortly about new arrangements for the First Years to start. There is no need to make contact with the Secondary School about this matter.
  • To comply with Social Distancing recommendations, we are required to place a limit on guests. Each boy can be accompanied by his Sponsor and 3 other guests maximum
  • The boys should wear the uniform of their secondary school
  • Usually we would give the boys cards to be filled in with information about their sponsor and the name they have chosen to take. Please bring a piece of paper with the following information clearly written. It should be given to Ms. Kiely or Mr. Dunne when you arrive at the church.
Confirmation Card

Name of Candidate (son’s name)_______________________

Parents’ Names_________________________

Parents’ Parish __________________________

Date of Birth_____________________________

Date and Place of Baptism_______________________

Name in Confirmation(in Red Ink)______________________

Name of Sponsor________________________________

Date of Confirmation______________________________

Place of Confirmation______________________________

Dioscese of Waterford and Lismore
  • Before and after the ceremony, we would ask families to comply with social distancing advice.
  • We are very much looking forward to seeing you on the day