A special message from our school staff
St. Paul’s Funzone is ready!

Welcome to our new web page Funzone which is dedicated to having fun! There will be weekly competitions, brain teasers, riddles, Kahoot Quiz of the Week, recipes to try out.

Keep checking in for updates, new photos, announcements and competition winners.

Make sure to check out Guess the Teacher Competition from their old Communion and Confirmation photos!

If you would like to send in photos of how you are keeping busy, art projects, baking (successful or not!), we would love to put them up for your friends and teachers to see. Email them to or


Quiz of the Week

Hi Boys,

Some of you may use Kahoot! with your teacher so you will be familiar with it. This challenge allows you to do the quiz from home when you have the time. We would really love it if you gave it a try for some fun! Follow the link and when asked to put in your name please put in your initials so that’s the 1st letter of your first name and the 1st letter of your surname and then your teacher’s name so we know who has entered. So it would be like this: JC Ms Kiely. You have until 3:00pm on Thursday 14th of May to do the quiz and we will announce the winner on Friday. Each question has a time limit to answer the question and you get more points the quicker you answer but still take your time and read the question and answers in case you choose the wrong answer by mistake. Good Luck! 😉 Any problems with the quiz email one of us and let us know or